Wednesday, 26 September 2012

2013 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts

Hot Wheels 2013 Treasure Hunt Style

Hot Wheels treasure hunting for the 2013 series has changed.  The famous green stripe treasure hunts with the "TH" logo no longer exists.
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 Instead, USA Hot Wheels Long cards have flame in a circle emblem and clause saying "This symbol lets you know that this vehicle is hard to find and highly collectable" behind the packaging and car itself. International Hot wheels, that is outside of USA have neither the flame in a circle emblem or the clause. They do however all seem to have the flame in a circle emblem somewhere on the car to represent a treasure hunt. The super treasure hunts still remain the same, hidden. Still sporting spectraflame paint, rubber tread tyres and the "TH" logo on most to identify them. Overall this is a plus for international collectors as its less obvious to employee's and scalpers to identify regular and super treasurehunts ;)